Loading the Boat


Oh, what fun we had loading the boat!  This was a many, many step process.  The first thing we had to do was to remove everything currently on the boat, sort it out, then catalog what we had, then move it back in and write down where everything went.  This process can best be described to you laymen out there as.... "Someone shows up at your house where you have been living for 20 years today.  They inform you that you have 24 hours to do the following... you must remove everything from your house and put it out in the front yard.  Then, you must move everything back in to a space approximately the size of your bathroom.  As you do this, you must write down everything you move back in, how many you have of them, and exactly where they are located."  Sounds fun, huh?  Well, that's exactly what we did.  On a boat, it is important to know WHAT you have, and more important, WHERE it is.  If you don't do this, you are going to spend the rest of your cruising life looking for stuff.  Hey, you are supposed to be out there looking for the meaning of life.... you certainly don't want to interrupt this valuable thought process.  "Stuff" is what you are trying to get away from!

By the time it was time to load our possessions from Point A (Mama's house) to Point B (Suburban) to Point C (our sailboat), we were so tired we could not think straight!  For over a year, we (well, make that I) had been looking and buying things for the boat...and looking...and buying...and looking...and buying.  My theory was to buy as much as I could while I was still gainfully employed so that the financial impact would be minimized when we retired.  Another theory (of many) was that I was never, ever going to be able to find anything else I needed once we left the USA.  LA kept telling me that people eat and live all over the world and that I didn't need everything in the world on the boat.  But, did I listen?? Of course not!  I kept buying and stashing things in boxes in Mama's extra bedroom (AKA known as "the room").  Poor Mama...we commandered her bedroom for over a year.  At times we could barely walk to get around in there.  LA would briefly look in, shake his head, and walk back out.  Never said anything.  Guess he thought he would be fighting a losing battle.  Apparently, I never ascribed to the theory that "less is more" or "simplify your life...sail away on a boat".

So, needless to say, little Susan got a reality check (the first of many!)  when it came time to load said items into the Suburban for the final move.  LA couldn't deal.... brother Sandy came by and shook his head as well, but was able to help me organize things and get them in the Suburban.





Wondering HOW IN THE WORLD all this stuff is going to fit on the boat??? Well, guess what (much to Susan's surprise ...), it didn't!










By the time we finished getting everything we could fit on the boat, we were exhausted.  We felt like a herd of jackals had chased us out of the country!  Well, it's all done now, and we are finally ready to cast off our bowlines and head for parts unknown!

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