Genesis's Haul Out

April 2008

On Friday, April 18, we took Genesis from Mandeville to Slidell, LA to be hauled out of the water.  Hauling a 10 ton boat out of the water is no easy task.... and one you want to entrust to a good boatyard.  Maritime Systems, Inc. Marine in Slidell did a great job.  A travel lift is used to lift the boat out of the water and roll it to hard ground.  (Thus, the term "on the hard" refers to a boat out of the water). Jack stands are placed under the boat to keep it from tipping over.  

Paul (the owner), Danny (yard manager), and "Country" (travel lift operator extraordinaire)  made sure that everything was done to our satisfaction and we were very pleased with the work.

(Maritime Systems, Inc.  (985-726-6022; 322 Bayou Liberty Road; Slidell, LA  70458)

Lifting Genesis out of the Water


Out of the Water

While the boat is out of the water, the bottom of the boat is painted with a special Pettit Trinidad bottom paint that contains a high percentage of copper.  This protects the bottom of the boat from barnacle growth.  When a boat is cruising (and therefore moving) a lot of the time, there is not a lot of opportunity for barnacle growth, so we expect this bottom job to last several years.

On the photos below, the first coat of bottom paint has been completed.  Note the blue tape markings on the photo below.  These are used as a guide to raise the waterline on the boat. Although Susan initially freaked out about having to raise the waterline, this is not an unusual occurrence on a cruising boat where you are moving a lot of possessions and food aboard. Raising the waterline properly requires expertise... a surveyor's laser was used by the boatyard to determine the correct placement of the waterline. 

Time to Splash the Boat

"Splashing the boat" refers to putting the boat back in the water.  On Thursday, May 1, "Genesis" was placed back in the water.  She has a new bottom job, new waterline, INSTALLED watermaker, greased seacocks, and the packing material in the shaft and the rudder replaced.  All dressed up and someplace to go!

Back in the water, safe and sound!

What's next?? We took the boat to a nearby slip.  We are going back to Crystal Springs to pick up the rest of our stuff and then we'll load the boat. We will return to Crystal Springs on Saturday, May 10 and spend Mother's Day with Mama and will return to Slidell.  We plan to leave for Cat Island (weather dependent) on Monday, May 12, 2008 and wait for a weather window to travel the 5 day passage to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Stay tuned for passage adventures and find out what Isla Mujeres is like!

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