Funny e-mail from brother Sandy and sister-in-law Margy....

What a scream!

(future aware....any e-mails received are subject to reprint)

(As for Sandy and Margy... keep 'em coming!)

 "Hello, Susan & Lon! So glad to get your emails!! Everything sounds like it's going great! School's out, so we're thrilled but not much going on compared to your experiences so far; however, we'll try to get you updated with our boring lives with as much enthusiasm as possible:

 We boarded our 35 foot diesel Vectra RV on Tuesday, May 27th. After extensive provisioning, we made the harrowing 1 1/4 mile journey to the great body of water, Lake Copiah. We docked safely at pad #8. Winds calm. Humidity high. Time for a margarita!  We stayed 5 days (one sober). We met Dwight & Tricia of Raymond who tried & failed to keep up with us. We did manage to grill steaks, burgers, bratwurst, pork chops, chicken. Will be a while before we want anything grilled again. We finally disconnected from pad #8. (Sandy was an excellent turd-herder.) The 1 1/4 mile trip home was, thankfully, uneventful.

Unloading the Vectra give rise to extreme profanities on whose job it was to take what back into the house. Glad to be back home. Our next trip was to the Super Wal-Mart in Hazlehurst, where we tried our best to stimulate the economy ($277 worth of crap). So, you are now updated with the goings and comings of Sandy & Margy. Wish you were here!! (Unfortunately, no website for you to visit; possibly in the future. Will keep you posted.)  Keep emailing whenever possible. We love ya'll!"

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