Cambridge Cay

Cambridge Cay is also known as Little Bell Island and contain several moorings that are available on a first come, first served basis.  Anchoring is also permitted.  Cambridge Cay is privately owned, but the owners allow visitors to hike on the marked trails on the island.  Cambridge Cay is the last island in the Exuma chain located in the Exuma Land and Sea Park.


We visited this area several times... with Stacy and Rene from Pipe muh Bligh and their friends Skip and Betsy, with Martha McSherry, and with Mike and Carey Cummins from Carey Ann.  We have hiked the trail across the top of the island every time and it has been wild, interesting, and beautiful with every visit.

About 120 feet from the Atlantic side of the island, stands a distinctive rock known as Bell Rock.  Fifty feet high, this sheer sided rock was once bell-shaped giving this cay and nearby Bell Island their names many years ago.

There are some interesting areas to snorkel near Cambridge Cay.  Honeymoon Beach has an extensive elk horn coral reef.  


The Rocky Dundas is located a short dinghy ride away and has stalactite and stalagmite formations seen nowhere else in this area. It must be snorkeled at low tide only in order to access the cave.  On the other side of this islands is a huge mound of conch shells. Tests indicate that the shells were placed there in the 1500's by the Lucayan Indians, who thought the Rocky Dundas was a holy place.  

Near O'Brien's Cay, there is an off-lying rock approximately 150 feet long that is the site of the Sea Aquarium.  The Sea Aquarium is a beautiful miniature wall dive that is a great place to snorkel.  A wide variety of fish can be seen here and they are quite tame.

Another island of interest is Little Hall's Pond Cay.  This cay is privately owned.  Johnny Depp purchased the island for 3.8 million and has kept it in its' natural and pristine condition.  He has a simple home on one end of the island, a cabana area on the beach, and a small house on the another beach.  Visits ashore are by invitation only, which, incidentally, we didn't receive.....

Well, this marks the lower boundary of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. 

We visited the park again and again, and never tired of seeing the unspoiled pristine beauty of this area.  Our next area to explore is the Central Exumas, with our first stop at Big Major Cay.

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