Rita, Gary and Whitney Visit Isla Mujeres!

On Monday, August 11, 2008, our friends from Texas, Rita, Gary and Whitney Schaper, visited us in Isla Mujeres.  They had a trip planned to Cancun and called us up to see if we were still going to be in Isla in August. So, they came over for the day to see us. It was great to see them and see someone from home.  Rita is from my hometown of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, and I have known her and have been close to her family all my life. 

Rita was kind enough to contact us before she left to see if there was anything she could bring us from the States.  It just so happened we did... Rita went to the local West Marine store for us and the local tobacco shop and bought us some good old USA dock lines to add to the boat for hurricane season, some premium cigars for LA, and some Nat Shermans for me. (Yes, I'm sinning down here, folks... these are the best premium cigarettes around and they are fabulous!). 

They arrived on the island around 10 o'clock in the morning.  They had never seen our boat so we gave them the grand tour and we sat on the boat visiting and drinking beer for a while.

Next, we checked out the pool.....Whitney was the local bathing beauty for the day!

Then, we took a dinghy ride to the south point of the island.  The water was spectacularly beautiful that day.... as it is EVERY day in Isla Mujeres!  Gary, Rita, and Whitney had visited Isla many times before and usually toured the island by golf cart, but today was a special view of the island that not many tourists get to see!

We "water-buffaloed" around drinking beer and swimming in the cool water.

Rita and Whitney snorkeled (Hey, Rita, which way does that mask go???).

Later in the afternoon, we returned to the marina and took a cab ride to town. (Hey, how many people can you get in the back seat of a cab??)

We went to the famous Isla restaurant owned by Texans, Jax, and all had cheeseburgers that couldn't be beat!

Rita, Gary and Whitney caught the 5:30 p.m.ferry back to Cancun.  As for us, we waddled back to our boat after those fabulous cheeseburgers and took a big nap!  Now, that's living!

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