Another Pirate's Story

After reading the pirate story from your cemetery link, we were reminded of another pirate story. This was likely passed down over centuries, and you may have heard it, but we'll repeat it as told to us by Obie at a campfire session at Lake Copiah:

 A pirate ship's first mate came to the captain and stated, "Captain, there is a naval ship sailing right for us! What do we do?" The captain replied, "Prepare everyone for battle and bring me my red shirt." The first mate asked, "Why the red shirt?" The captain said, "If I was to be wounded, I would not want the crew to be aware, so they will continue fighting to the end." A fierce battle ensued, and the pirates were the victors.

 A few days later, the first mate rushed to the captain and announced that there were four huge naval ships heading right for them. The first mate asked of the captain, "Shall I bring you your red shirt, sir?"  After a moment's deliberation, the captain replied, "NO! BRING ME MY BROWN PANTS!!!"

 We are hoping you will not need your brown pants during your future long voyages. Be careful and take care,

Sandy & Margy

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